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Since 1998 JP Investigative Group, Inc has been building relationships through results. We are committed to excellence that has created flexible solutions for our clients in the insurance, legal and domestic industries. Clients today are in need of solutions, and each case is handled differently. Our courteous staff listens to the needs of the clients so that we deliver efficient, timely and accurate case results. JP Investigative Group, Inc seeks to remain an innovative investigation firm with the latest technological advances and utilizing state- of- the- art-in house equipment, adequately equipped vehicles, territorial intelligence and creative undercover work to successfully and effectively close your case.

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9716-B Rea Road Ste 211
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277
United States

Blakeney Shopping Center, located on Rea Road, Charlotte, NC 28277

Fax: 704-243-1224

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  • All investigators have at least 10 years of experience or more. We utilize the latest technology when it comes to covert camera's, video cameras and most recently Drone surveillance.
  • Premium Quality
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Monday through Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

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