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Investigation Division, Inc., was formed and founded by Franklin D. Streets, Jr. Mr. Streets was a former West Virginia Deputy Sheriff, with prior Military Experience, and has a Bachelor of Science degree In Criminal Justice. Mr. Streets is recognized by the National Rifle Association as being certified as a Law Enforcement /Security Firearms Instructor, Basic Pistol Instructor, Basic Shotgun Instructor, Personal Protection Instructor, Home Firearms Safety Instructor and Range Safety Officer. This agency specializes and conducts business in the fields of Polygraph Examinations, Private Investigations, Security, Firearms Training, Process Service, and Bail Fugitives Apprehensions. Our agency works closely with the clients, court systems, attorneys and law enforcement agencies. All cases are discreet and strictly confidential. Each individual case is tailored and handled to meet your specific needs. During an investigation or security function the case investigator will be in constant contact with you the client. This allows us to maintain a professional working relationship with everyone involved. This agency administers professional confidential polygraph (lie detection) examinations at this agency’s office or in the privacy of your home or business. The purpose of the examinations is to establish the truthfulness of cheating spouses, children on drugs, engaged and not sure, employment theft, and all other civil, criminal, and domestic tests. The examinations are conducted according to accepted standards on an LX4000 Lafayette computerized polygraph instrument utilizing accepted and current techniques. Mr. Streets, was trained by American International Institute of Polygraph, Psychophysiological Detection of Deception. Approved by the American Polygraph Association. Our team of Investigators provides services for the Legal Profession, Individuals, Insurance Industry, Private Owned Businesses, Corporations, and Bail Bonding Professionals, Our agency has worked with many Individuals, Attorneys and Bail Bonding Companies throughout West Virginia and the United States. The client is our number one concern. It is the desire of the Investigation Division, Inc., to become an extension of your office and a trusted member of your team, to assist you in the complexity of your business or relations. All investigations, polygraph examinations, and work performed is confidential, reliable, professionally conducted and performed in a discreet manner. All evidence obtained is properly documented for presentation before any arbitration board, officer, attorneys or court of law.

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Volga, WV
Philippi, West Virginia 26238
United States

West Virginia

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