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Quest Associates of Ohio, LLC (“Quest”) has been based in Cincinnati, Ohio for over 15 years, and has earned a stellar reputation for professional investigations. Quest is a full-service investigative and security agency that operates worldwide, and offers a wide range of investigative and consulting services. With today’s high-tech operations, Quest can resolve your investigative needs whether you are in Ohio, across the country, or on another continent! As with many professions, the private investigation industry has adapted to changing times and environments. While the basic fundamentals of investigation have not changed, the new generation of investigative tools and equipment facilitates a more timely approach to the successful result that our clients have come to expect from Quest. Even with the most cutting edge technology, it is important to have a strong background in law enforcement and investigative experience. Quest combines the best of new technology with law enforcement experience and expertise in investigations, along with other assets, internal resources, and developed contacts, to ensure that we achieve the greatest success possible in meeting our clients’ needs. Whether for a private individual, attorney, or corporation, we have the capability and experience to handle your case with the utmost discretion. Our developed resources enable Quest to identify and obtain information and records, meeting our clients’ requirements with great success. Discretion and confidentiality are imperative, and at Quest, you can be assured that your case will receive just that. We pride ourselves on providing each client with quality service, and each assignment is managed with the individual attention it deserves. Quest’s strongest attributes are determination and persistence. Although the degree of sensitivity involved in each case may vary, we are motivated by, and dedicated to, obtaining the best possible outcome for each task assigned. Here at Quest we always promise you responsive highly skilled professional services that are both thorough and accurate, and delivered in a timely manor. Our mission is to provide the highest quality investigative and security services to each and every client. With professional and exceptionally skilled resources throughout the United States and around the world, we strive to provide thorough, responsive, timely, and accurate information to our clients. Quality is what Quest Associates of Ohio is all about. "Quality Commitment - Exceptional Results"

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Counties Served Quest is a Global Provider of Expert Investigations, Security, Surveillance, Protection and more.


3210 Jeffson Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
United States

Quest Associates of Ohio is located at "The Jefferson Historic Ice House" . -- Directly across from the Cactus Pear.

Fax: 513-579-0016

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  • Quest really can help you. Our years of dedication to the security and investigative industry will reflect clearly in the results of what we do for your needs. So don’t “think” about it, call us today and let one of our seasoned investigative professionals discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve success. Contact us today



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